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Bio-Rad Launches System for Benchtop Gel and Western Blot Imaging

A researcher loads samples onto a gel.
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Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: BIO and BIO.B) has announced the launch of the ChemiDoc™ Go Imaging System, the latest addition to its portfolio of ChemiDoc Imaging Systems. The system offers rapid, reliable, and highly sensitive gel and western blot imaging on a benchtop scale. 


The ChemiDoc Go Imaging System uses complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) digital imaging to capture gel and western blot images with the same high sensitivity as larger instruments. The compact, user-friendly imager supports advanced chemiluminescence as well as fluorescence detection using StarBright™ Dyes, and its three sample trays provide versatility with a wide range of applications, including nucleic acid and protein quantitation through various detection methods. Additionally, all-LED illumination significantly improves the durability of the instrument and minimizes illumination maintenance, ensuring reliable performance over time. 

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Data in western blot experiments are traditionally normalized with housekeeping proteins, which requires additional probing and stripping with multiple antibodies simultaneously in a time- and cost-intensive protocol. With the ChemiDoc Go Imaging System, users benefit from the option to use Stain-Free Imaging technology for total protein normalization, which simplifies the western blot workflow and provides quality control validation at each stage. The ChemiDoc Go Imaging System is also compatible with BR.io, Bio-Rad’s cloud-based platform for image storage and enhanced data accessibility. 


“We are excited to introduce the ChemiDoc Go Imaging System, the first benchtop imager on the market to leverage advanced CMOS digital imaging. Bio-Rad’s new imager enables researchers to capture western blot and gel images from their benchtop with high sensitivity and unparalleled versatility,” said Kenneth Oh, Global Marketing Manager at Bio-Rad Laboratories. “This latest addition to our portfolio of ChemiDoc Imaging Systems offers class-leading sensitivity, all-LED illumination, and cloud connectivity, all within a small footprint.”