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BioChromato Invest In International Markets

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BioChromato Inc. has made a major investment to expand sales, marketing and customer support activities in international markets, most notably Europe and North America.

This move follows on from a notable increase in new major accounts for its proprietary plate seals and a doubling of international sales for its Smart Evaporator range in its recently completed fiscal year 2019/2020.

Ms Chikako Yokosawa, Overseas Sales Manager commented "Our growing range of innovative analytical instruments, productive Smart Evaporators and rapid, easy peeling plate seals have earned us a reputation for excellent quality and high performance, particularly in our home market. To expand our geographic focus and provide a high level of local technical and applications support to other customers we are expanding our network of knowledgable distribution partners particularly in Europe and North America. These distributors additionally typically offer the benefit of local stocking of consumable items and selected instruments for demonstration or e-demonstration from their facilities". She added "We are also expanding our marketing support activities through regular creation and dissemination of informative content describing our product innovations, topical application solutions and services we are able to provide".