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BMG Labtech to Showcase the SPECTROstar Nano at LabAutomation 2011

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Ultra-fast full spectrum analysis, multimode shaking, incubation, kinetic readings, well scanning, automated path length correction, a gas vent and robot compatibility are only a few of the outstanding features that the SPECTROstar Nano has to offer.

For more information on this and other microplate reading solutions visit BMG LABTECH at booth No. 351.

Free SPECTROstar Nano Promotion – Stop by booth 351 to find out how to receive one of five free SPECTROstar Nanos from BMG LABTECH. More details are available here   

BMG LABTECH is also offering two workshops at this meeting. Join us for lunch on Monday and Tuesday to learn about automation solutions with BMG LABTECH microplate readers. For more information and pre-registration is available here

Monday, January 31 (12:30 – 2:00 pm) Intelligent Screening through a Unique Combination of Instrumentation and Software, presented with Hudson Robotics Using Model Kinases

Tuesday, February 1 (12:30 – 2:00 pm) Quantitative Cell-Based Screening Assays Using the Next Generation HTS Microplate Reader