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Bruker Announces New High-Performance Scientific Instruments and Analytical Solutions at Pittcon 2012

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At Pittcon 2012, Bruker Corporation has announced several new product introductions for the research, industrial and applied markets, designed to deliver confident analyses with increased sensitivity, specificity and productivity, and to push the boundaries of advanced molecular and materials research applications. The new Bruker products introduced at Pittcon 2012 include:

ionBooster™: This new high-temperature electrospray ion source boost the sensitivity of Bruker mass spectrometers for environmental analysis, food testing and forensics.

Sensitivity gains for many compounds of 5x to 100x greatly extend the quantitative capabilities of modern accurate-mass mass spectrometers, such as Bruker's unique maXis™ ultra-high resolution Qq-TOF systems.

Inside the ionBooster, an electrospray is maintained at elevated vaporizing temperature to enable enhanced desolvation of analyte ions, even at high flow rates in UHPLC separations. Delivering more efficient ionization, the ionBooster enhances sensitivity and lowers detection limits.

MICRO™ Series: This new high-flux Small (SAXS) and Wide Angle X-ray Scattering (WAXS) system is intended for research, development and quality control in bio-medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Utilizing an air-cooled high-brilliance micro-focus X-ray source, it provides superior performance beyond widely used rotating anode sources, while avoiding complexity, significant maintenance, and operating costs.

In particular, the new Bruker MICROCalix™ system enables ground-breaking simultaneous SAXS and calorimetry investigations, contributing to a better understanding of the properties of biological nanostructures.

TANGO™: The new, compact FT-NIR (Fourier Transform Near Infrared) spectrometer TANGO offers efficient and cost-effective analysis for the identification and quantification of constituents in a wide variety of application fields in the food, feed, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant TANGO is a robust, small footprint, very easy to use benchtop system with touch-screen operation for routine users, and further expands Bruker's industry-leading FT-NIR product range.

HI90™: The new Bruker Hyperspectral Imaging system HI 90 is an imaging remote chemical sensing system based on the combination of a Michelson interferometer with a focal plane array detector.

A major field of applications of the HI 90 system is homeland security. The HI 90 allows fast identification and imaging of hazardous gases from long distances.

Other applications range from atmospheric research, geology and volcanology to industrial applications such as leak detection, emissions measurement, and industrial safety.

The new HI 90 represents a new ultra-high performance hyperspectral imaging system in Bruker's remote sensing product line, which also consists of the Scanning Infrared Gas Imaging System SIGIS 2 for homeland security and scientific applications, the mil-spec 360 degree scanning stand-off detector RAPID, as well as the ultra-high spectral resolution FTIR spectrometer IFS 125 for scientific applications in atmospheric research.

CompassCDS 3.0: This industry focused, operator-friendly and networked chromatography software solution eliminates the costs associated with licensing of named users. With its unique capacity for customization, CompassCDS provides operators with a powerful tool for a variety of analytical operations.

Available as a standalone or fully networked client/server application, CompassCDS meets a broad range of customer's requirements. Designed for 24/7 production environments with current Windows versions as well as with Virtualized and Citrix metaframe installations, CompassCDS controls all current Bruker gas chromatographs (GCs), and GC custom analyzers manufactured for specific industrial analytical applications.

CryoProbe™ Prodigy: A game-changer in routine small molecule NMR, the affordable NMR CryoProbe Prodigy™ delivers up to a 3-fold sensitivity boost and 10-fold throughput enhancement at an attractive price.

The broadband, multinuclear Prodigy 5 mm NMR probe now delivers a '300 MHz-equivalent sensitivity boost' for an expanded range of 400, 500 and 600 MHz high-resolution NMR systems.

Using cooled RF coils and preamplifiers, Prodigy offers a sensitivity enhancement over conventional probes of a factor of 2x-3x for X-nuclei from 15N to 31P, and of 2x on the proton channel.

CMC-assist™ : The first NMR software tool to enable seamless, integrated routine workflow from acquisition to molecular structure report generation is CMC-assist (CMC: Complete Molecular Confidence) Delivering support where it's needed, CMC-assist assigns the NMR signals to structural characteristics, conducts a structural consistency assessment and completes the spectral analysis.

Results are collated into compact reports for easy transfer of information into publications, lab journals or patent applications.

Frank H. Laukien, Ph.D., Bruker's President and CEO, commented: "At Pittcon 2012, Bruker is introducing three new infrared and X-ray systems to the North American market, while also introducing key new products that dramatically enhance sensitivity in mass spectrometry and NMR. Two new software solutions enhance workflow in NMR and laboratory operations and throughput in GC. With compact, easy-to-use, affordable, yet high performance products we can gain access to broader markets and expand our presence in many routine quality control, applied and industrial market segments, while maintaining our excellent reputation in the research community."