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Bruker Announces the Release of the CaptiveSpray™ nano/capillary Ion Source for LC-MS Proteomics Applications

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The CaptiveSpray source delivers nanospray sensitivity without the need for complex and time consuming spray tip adjustments, while its innovative plug and play design fits with all current Bruker LC-MS instruments.

The CaptiveSpray source is uniquely designed to operate with LC flow rates from as low as 50 nL/min on up to 5 uL/min and higher. This wide LC flow range allows analysts to significantly reduce column loading times, minimize column re-equilibration, and dramatically increase overall MS utilization time. The ability to run at higher LC flow rates, without compromising sensitivity, also increases sample loading capacity and expands the dynamic range of analysis. This combination of attributes provided by the CaptiveSpray source enhances the overall ability of the MS system to identify and quantify lower level peptides.

Dr. Kerry Nugent, Senior Vice President of Bruker’s Chemical and Applied Markets area commented “With the introduction of the CaptiveSpray source, Bruker has taken another step to enhance our position as a leading provider of Mass Spectrometry based proteomics systems. The ability of the CaptiveSpray source to deliver a robust consistent spray, regardless of gradient composition or flow rate, makes it the ideal MS source for applications that require a high level of accuracy and precision such as peptide ID and protein quantification. ”