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Bruker Daltonics Launches ImagePrep™ Matrix Deposition Device

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At the 55th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry, Bruker Daltonics has launches its ImagePrep sample preparation device for automated matrix deposition onto tissue slices.

MALDI mass imaging of tissue samples with Bruker's MALDI Molecular Imager (for research use only) solution allows color-coded visualization of the distribution of peptide or small protein biomarkers, or of drugs and their major metabolites for the direct analysis of molecular distributions in tissue sections.

The ImagePrep device can provide reproducible sample preparations for MALDI Imaging in a fully automated, push-button process. Another advantage of ImagePrep is the combination of spectra quality at high image resolution of 50 microm at the same time.

With the launch of the ImagePrep, Bruker completes its MALDI Molecular Imager solution consisting of autoflex™ or ultraflex™ high-performance MALDI-TOF(/TOF) mass spectrometers with smartbeam™ laser technology and PAN™ panoramic mass resolution over a broad mass range, plus flexImaging™ software for data analysis, visualization and statistical analysis of MALDI images, including the proprietary ClassImaging™ method for the molecular imaging equivalent of diagnostic multimarker panels.