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Bruker Daltonics to Present at the IMSC in Prague

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Bruker Daltonics has announced that it will make numerous presentations on mass spectrometry applications in proteomics and clinical research solutions, as well as in small molecule analysis and metabolomics, at the 2006 International Mass Spectrometry Conference.

On Tuesday, August 29, 2006, top Bruker Daltonics scientists will lead in-depth discussions of the following topics at a luncheon seminar from 1:15 to 2:15 p.m. in Meeting Room 1, 1st Floor, in the Prague Congress Centre. 

Space is limited, so RSVP early by registering online or by emailing to sales@bdal.de

Clinical Biomarker Discovery Integrated with MALDI Molecular Imaging:

an in-depth analysis of Bruker Daltonics’ integrated solution for biomarker screening, identification and imaging in clinical tissue research.

Company introduces "class imaging" vs. mass imaging, which is designed to enable the sensitive detection of clinically important protein or peptide biomarkers in diseases such as cancer by tissue molecular imaging analysis.

Frontiers in Ion Trap ETD:

having introduced ETD (electron transfer dissociation) in 2005, Bruker Daltonics is now taking the next major step forward: data-dependent, intelligent combinations of CID and ETD on an HCT Ultra™ high-capacity ion trap for maximum information on sequence coverage and post-translational modifications in complex samples will be described.

Tools for "Top-down" Detailed Protein Characterization

The Bruker Daltonics apex-Qe hybrid FTMS is ideally suited to probe the chemical and structural nature of intact proteins. 

Features such as selected ion enrichment (SIE™) followed by CID, IRMPD, and ECD provide researchers with incredible flexibility and unparalleled resolution and accuracy. 

Bruker has extended the capabilities of “top-down” strategies even further with the addition of algorithms that include: monoisotopic peak-finder, improved charge deconvolution, and database searching. 

The utility of these tools will be demonstrated with relevant protein characterization examples.

Integrated Metabolic Profiling Elucidated

With its integrated, hyphenated LC-NMR/ESI-TOF setup in combination with statistical methods, Bruker Daltonics presents the solution for the full characterization of complex metabolic profiles and for small molecule biomarker discovery.  

This hyphenated solution and its various advantages will be demonstrated.

In addition, over 40 other oral and poster presentations by Bruker Daltonics scientists and customers will demonstrate the Company’s wide range of high performance life-science mass spectrometers.

The Company also anticipates making several product introductions during IMSC