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Bruker Introduces Ultima Investigator Microscope for In Vivo Imaging

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Bruker has announced the release of the Ultima Investigator Multiphoton Microscope for high-performance in vivo imaging. Ultima Investigator utilizes a streamlined design that incorporates many of the innovative features found in Bruker’s industry-leading Ultima IntraVital and In Vitro models.

Up to four close-coupled detectors maximize collection efficiency and, when combined with Bruker’s next-generation preamplifier, produce the signal-to-noise levels that enable high-speed imaging at depths up to 1 micron. Ultima Investigator also utilizes a rotatable nose piece that allows for the off-axis imaging required for advanced, in vivo neural activity research.

“In vivo imaging using multiphoton microscopy continues to be a growing area of interest in neuroscience research,” explained Stephen C. Minne, Ph.D., General Manager of Bruker's Fluorescence Microscopy business.

Minne continued, “Ultima Investigator optimizes our core multiphoton technology to produce superior sensitivity and flexibility for in vivo applications. By focusing the Investigator’s design on imaging only, this high-end technology now becomes available to a large number of researchers. Early feedback indicates that the performance of the new hardware exceeds user expectations, and coupled with our well-known Prairie View software, is opening new avenues of research into in vivo cellular activity.”