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Bruker to Deliver 15 Tesla FTMS System for Petroleomics to ECOPETROL S.A. in Colombia

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Bruker has announced an order valued at over $2.5 million from ECOPETROL S.A. for high field Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry (FTMS) instrumentation to be commissioned in Piedecuesta, Colombia at the Instituto Colombiano del Petróleo (ICP).

This institute serves as the research and development center for ECOPETROL S.A., a Fortune Global 500 provider of energy solutions.

The contract includes a 15 Tesla solariX™ FTMS system, the highest field FTMS product available.

The ultra-high mass resolution of this system provides a solution which is uniquely capable of providing distinct molecular characterization of highly complex mixtures, such as raw crude oil.

With mass resolution capabilities many times greater than any other mass spectrometry technology, only the solariX FTMS can provide the specificity necessary for assigning molecular formulae to the components within extremely complex “heavy” crude oil samples.

Such analyses are critical to allow for the clean and efficient use of heavier crude sources, as the worldwide supply of light crude is becoming depleted.

Providing this essential competency has generated wide acceptance of Bruker’s high field FTMS petroleomics solution within the energy and fuels sector, including industrial, government, and academic laboratories.

This instrument will represent the highest magnetic field strength FTMS system installed in Latin America to date.

Dr. Andrea Gomez-Escudero, researcher at the ICP, stated: “The heavy nature of our crudes requires comprehensive characterization of our raw stock to optimize production processes, and the FTMS will be the primary tool for these advanced analyses.”