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BUCHI Launches Fully Automated Solution for Parallel Evaporation

BUCHI Launches Fully Automated Solution for Parallel Evaporation content piece image
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BUCHI Labortechnik AG has announced the release of SyncorePlus, a fully automated solution for parallel evaporation. The system offers the capability to automate the entire parallel evaporation workflow and maximize precision, accuracy and process safety.

“It is challenging to ensure all batch samples undergoing parallel evaporation are subjected to the exact same treatment,” said Vahé Iplikci, Director Business Unit Food & Feed / Environment at BUCHI Labortechnik AG.  “Any time manual handling is involved, human error is introduced, and we see higher deviations in the results. With our new SyncorePlus system, every sample is treated the same, run after run, leading to substantial improvements in repeatability, reproducibility and analyte recovery.”

The combination of the SyncorePlus parallel evaporation unit with Interface I-300 Pro enables the full automation needed to maximize analytical and process safety. The interface can fully control peripheral instruments and the entire evaporation method to ensure identical treatment of all batch samples time after time.

Besides achieving more reliable results, innovative system features aim to reduce the environmental footprint and economic costs of performing parallel evaporation. By applying vacuum and reducing the boiling point of solvents, the vacuum-vortex technology allows for gentle and fast solvent concentration or evaporation to dryness.

The sophisticated condenser system of SyncorePlus, consisting of a primary and secondary condenser, allows for solvent recoveries of nearly 100%. Proper disposal or reuse of solvent improves laboratory safety and decreases the environmental impact of the process.

The SyncorePlus family offers two units suitable for different applications.

The SyncorePlus Analyst is designed for “Pre-Analytical” solvent evaporation tasks. Chilled appendices with final volumes ranging from 0.3, 1.0 and 3.0 mL safeguard samples against thermal damage and prevent loss of valuable analytes. In addition to lowering the standard deviation of the final data, automated evaporation reduces the number of process repetitions and troubleshooting efforts, resulting in substantial time and cost savings.

The SyncorePlus Polyvap is compatible with a wide range of sample racks for high sample throughput. Racks with 4 to 96 positions help evaporate solvents from any sample size. Inert materials make the SyncorePlus Polyvap a suitable choice for evaporation of aggressive chemicals and nearly all organic solvents.

“Until now, users have had to handle the process and stop heating manually. SyncorePlus Analyst automatically stops the heating and keeps the cooling system running to protect your samples from heat damage even if you are not there. With both SyncorePlus Analyst and Polyvap, there is no other parallel evaporation solution that better supports the reliability of your data by ensuring that every sample of every batch is consistently treated the same.” added Iplikci.

The SyncorePlus systems join BUCHI’s broad product portfolio for environmental analysis. Solutions for extraction, laboratory and parallel evaporation as well as nitrogen determination in environmental samples offer workflows with high recovery rates and data reproducibility.