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Catalyst Core Quantification

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Hiden Analytical has introduced the new Catlab FB system for analysis of catalyst core specimens at temperatures up to 1000°C, with multi-stream gas/vapour flow control and mass spectral analysis of both feed and downstream gases.

All system elements are programmable from the integrated control program together with mass spectrometer data acquisition, data display and data interpretation.

The furnace houses a horizontal quartz reactor tube with in-bed thermocouple for optimum thermal precision, a standard internal diameter of 26mm and a uniform central hot-zone of 150mm.

The furnace is programmable from 50°C through to 1000°C at a fastest ramp rate of 20°C/minute. The system has capacity for up to 12 mass flow controlled gas stream, selectable with flow rates from 0.1-10L/minute and for operation with corrosive feed gases.

The gas pulse injector system for pulse chemisorption(PCS) mode operation provides timed, measured and monitored injection of the sorbate to the reactor for determination of active metal surface area and of acid site surface density.

The optional vapour feed system, with temperature controlled humidifier and helium carrier flow, enables vapour reaction characterization in both PCS and continuous flow modes.