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Characterize Optically Active Substances in the Most Demanding QC and Research Labs

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Analytik supply the Schmidt + Haensch’s market leading polarimeters and refractometers in the UK & Ireland.

Schmidt + Haensch’s automatic digital polarimeters, supplied by Analytik, are designed to characterize optically active substances in the most demanding quality control and research laboratories. Today, the focus is on the UniPol L, S+H’s entry level instrument, which offers full compliance with all industry bodies regarding polarimetry.

It is a versatile instrument that uses the same technology as the advanced Unipol L1000 which is designed to meet the highly regulated markets of the pharmaceutical industry. The UniPol L still provides exceptional stability and value for the majority of applications.

The UniPol series of digital polarimeters differ from conventional, circle polarimeters by using an innovative 'scanning' measurement which derives the angle of rotation from a shift in waveforms observed by a detector. This in itself has a number of benefits; no optical encoder is required and therefore no moving parts, reducing complexity and cost. As the detector ‘scans’ the full 360 degree range, linearity is guaranteed and does not require regular calibration.

The key applications are found in the food and pharmaceutical industries while there are a growing number of applications in medicine and chemical research where the analysis of optically active substances is required.

"The instrumentation from Schmidt + Haensch has proved extremely reliable and easy to use. We have users in both academic research and industry, each extremely happy with the utility of their system."