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Chemically Inert Filter Cartridge and Housings

Chemically Inert Filter Cartridge and Housings content piece image
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Porvair Filtration Group has announced the addition of its Teffil™ range of high-flow PTFE membrane filters and complimentary Quicklok™ housings to its portfolio of liquid, air and gas filtration products.

Teffil™ is a range of fully optimized high-flow PTFE membrane filters with PFA support hardware, suitable for use within a number of fine chemical applications within the microelectronics industry, including organic stripper, IPA and other solvent recirculation applications.

Teffil™ filters, with pore sizes ranging from 0.05-0.2 micron, are manufactured using surface modification agents to ensure minimal extractables and ensure purity performance is not compromised.

The addition of this product range serves to support the sectors of wet chemical handling in microelectronics and fine chemical processing in the chemical process industries.

The Quicklok™ range of PFA cartridge housings, offers a space-saving solution over traditional filter housings. The Quicklok™ housing locks into the bowl, allowing the bowl and cartridge to be installed or removed as a single unit, therefore ensuring that contamination and chemical contact is minimized.