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Cherwell To Advise on Reducing Risk With EM in Aseptic Processing

A Cherwell stand at a conference.

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Cherwell, will be available at a number of aseptic processing focused events in September to advise attendees on how they can reduce risk with environmental monitoring (EM). Cherwell’s microbial EM experts will be present at these events to discuss and highlight best practice and product solutions for differing EM needs to ensure the safety and quality of sterile medicinal products.

The Company will be exhibiting at three key events, these are the PHSS Annual Conference in association with UCL Q3P 2023 (14 September), the Aseptic Processing Conference (18-19 September), and the NHS QA - Quality Assurance and Technical Services Symposium (QATS) (28-29 September). In addition to offering advice, they will also be demonstrating a number of EM product solutions on Cherwell’s exhibition stand at each of these events, and how they can support contamination risk reduction in critical areas and processes in line with GMP Annex 1 requirements.

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Products available to view and discuss will include the new portable BAMS real-time, airborne microbial monitor for continuous air monitoring and instant alerts, particularly useful in GMP Grade A environments. Rapid identification enables prompt actions and reduces risk of potential contamination incidents. For active air sampling applications in lower grade cleanrooms, Cherwell will demonstrate the SAS hand held microbial air sampler range which offers reliable and cost-efficient sampling for trend analyses.

High quality prepared culture media is also key for environmental monitoring applications for regulatory compliance. Cherwell’s Redipor® quality-assured prepared media range meets all needs for this traditional, reliable monitoring technique. Offering poured media plates, bottled media, broth bags, ampoules, and also tailored solutions, Cherwell will discuss how they can match the specific requirements of both organisation and facility.

Cherwell will also highlight its EM accessories. These include Settle Plate stands offering a defined sample point and reducing the risk of a spoilt sample; plus plate carriers to aid safe handling and transportation, as well as efficient use of incubator space. SAS Daily Heads remove the need for a validated, sterilisation process and substitute this with a certificated sterile product which provides a viable alternative in the quest to reduce risk of false positives.

“We find that attending events such as these is one of the best ways for us to keep up to speed with the very latest industry information on aseptic needs and best practices. We can learn from talks and presentations, plus discussions with delegates,” said Thomas Parkhill, Business Development Manager South, Cherwell. “It is also an ideal opportunity for us to be able to share and discuss our findings on good practice with our customers, and demonstrate how we and our product solutions can best support them in their use of EM to reduce risk in aseptic processing in line with Annex 1 requirements.”

Alongside its microbial environmental product range, Cherwell also provides support in the area of risk reduction with EM through its Delivering Knowledge platform, specific Annex 1 resources, and by adopting a consultative sales approach that focuses on individual applications and product needs.