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Chiral Separation Benefits from Nitrogen Generator

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Asynt reports on how chromatography specialists - Reach Separations Ltd. are benefiting from the installation of an onsite nitrogen generator at their laboratories in Nottingham, UK.

Reach Separations (www.reachseparations.com) specializes in chiral chromatography for the analysis and purification of small molecules. Using HPLC and SFC instrumentation, Reach Separations offer screening, method development and purification for chiral and achiral molecules across the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and fine chemical sectors.

To further enhance the speed and efficiency of their contract research service, Reach Separations recently invested in an Asynt nitrogen generator to replace their use of nitrogen gas cylinders.

Victoria Coulthard, Senior Purification Scientist at Reach Separations commented “In terms of money and time saving, the Asynt nitrogen generator is saving us the equivalent of 2 cylinders of nitrogen a day. Using the nitrogen generator has also eliminated the need to manoeuvre heavy gas cylinders from the store area to our laboratory on a daily basis. We feel much happier knowing that a nitrogen generator provides our laboratory staff with a safer alternative to gas cylinders with minimal gas storage volume now required in the laboratory. We envisage a return on our investment in around 18 months”.

Asynt nitrogen generators are a cost effective, easy-to-use and dependable alternative to pressurized gas cylinders enabling an inherently safer ‘on-demand’ gas supply for users of laboratory instrumentation.

Using a nitrogen generator eliminates the unpredictable delivery charges, delays in distribution and high administrative costs associated with using nitrogen gas cylinders. With a nitrogen generator users are also lowering the carbon footprint of their organization through investment in a more environmentally friendly alternative to laboratory gas supply.