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Compact Solvent Recycler Improves HPLC Sustainability

A graph representing the operating principle.
Credit: Biotech.
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Biotech Fluidics announce the SmartSaver solvent recycling unit - designed to recover up to 90% of your mobile phase by redirection of the pure solvent to the solvent reservoir during isocratic HPLC.


Not only does SmartSaver improve the sustainability of your lab, but it also quickly pays for itself through enabling you to recycle almost all the solvent used by your isocratic HPLC system.

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Compact in design - SmartSaver is powered directly from your chromatography data system PC, no power adapter is required. User friendly software is provided to configure the parameters, and to perform on-line monitoring/audit trail of solvent recovered.


Compatible with almost any HPLC - SmartSaver continuously monitors output signal of the chromatographic instrument detector. An analog-to-digital converter produces digital data for evaluation by an integral smart processor. According to input signal level a 3-way valve in the SmartSaver is switched to waste or recycle position. The switching valve is connected to the detector mobile phase output.