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Composition Measurement of Fast Gas-Related Processes

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Gas composition measurement provides a vital element of control for many gas-related processes. To address the specific requirement for monitoring fast evolving and pulsing gases Hiden Analytical developed the TMS series of mass spectrometer-based gas analyzers, initially for the researcher and now available to the general gas process user.

Systems address process pressures from sub-atmospheric through to 30 bar, with a heated and flexible fast-response interface for easy connection direct to the process.

Combined with the digital detector of the integral Hiden PIC quadrupole instrument, gas species can be monitored at a rate as low as 6 milliseconds per species giving a scan repetition rate of, for example, just 30 milliseconds  with continuous monitoring and data acquisition of five different gas species together with real-time data display.

The systems provide refined definition of both fast transient pulses and changing composition profiles, with a dynamic range through 7 continuous decades.

Standard options enable measurement of gas and vapour species with molecular weights to 200amu or 300amu, with higher mass range options available for specialized applications. Systems are compact and benchtop mounting, with cart-mounted options available where system mobility is required for multi-process application for example.