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Continuous Quality Assessment of HPLC Pump Performance

The liquid chromatography flowmeter device.
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The Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter (LCF) from TESTA Analytical sets a new standard as a real-time monitoring device for continuously measuring the performance of pumps serving HPLC and uHPLC systems.


Traditionally the quality of analytical data from HPLC systems has been determined by periodic checks of a set of measured parameters. This unfortunately just gives you a snapshot of how your HPLC system is performing at a point in time and cannot assure the total quality of an application.


Flow rate is one of the most important parameters in any HPLC system, it determines retention time or volume and therefore has a major influence on reproducibility. By monitoring the liquid flow being delivered to your HPLC system in real-time, the TESTA Analytical LCF generates a constant stream of data which is easily correlated to a particular chromatogram, thus achieving true total quality assurance of your application.


Compatible with all HPLC solvents, the compact LCF powers itself from a USB connection. At the heart of the LCF is a high-resolution thermal flow sensor that is both extremely accurate and sensitive. This non-invasive sensor enables the device to operate over a wide dynamic range.


The current flow rate is displayed on the LCF integral high-resolution OLED Display. An easy-to-use PC based app allows users to continuously record, and store measured flow rate data from a HPLC system. The LCF software app also offers the possibility for users to store on-board different calibration factors for different solvents, along with saving a text description of the solvent in use. Furthermore, communications data buffering assures that no data is lost even if PC is busy with other tasks. The App also allows multiple LCF’s to run and communicate with the PC at the same time.