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COVID Driving Demand for Liquid Handling Processes Accuracy & Reliability

COVID Driving Demand for Liquid Handling Processes Accuracy & Reliability content piece image
Credit: Arek-Socha/ Pixabay
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As labs race to bring a new vaccine, therapeutic, or diagnostic to market, the demands of maintaining high data quality standards during COVID are great. In order to assist laboratories achieve their quality, productivity, and compliance goals in the face of such an increased workload, Artel has realigned key people and added to its East and West Coast teams to make its solutions more readily accessible.

Bernadette Danis has been promoted to Director of Marketing & Sales. She has been with the company for over 20 years in various marketing positions and has dedicated great effort to understanding and meeting customers’ needs for relevant technology-based content so they can make informed decisions. 

Tanya Knaide has been promoted to Sales Manager, having joined Artel in 2002. As a Product Development Scientist she helped to develop the MVS technology, and then became the Product Manager before bringing her deep knowledge of the product to the Sales department.

Jim Bull has joined the Artel West Coast sales team. His background in liquid handling and automation gives him a thorough understanding of how this instrumentation plays an integral part in laboratory workflows, and what can be done to ensure that it performs optimally.

Ann Bellinger is focused on the Northeast and has many years of sales experience in the biotechnology and automation fields. Long familiarity with laboratory needs and practices enables her to assist Artel customers to find the best solutions for their quality needs.

With these additions to its expert staff, Artel is in an even stronger position to help customers achieve their quality and productivity goals, especially during this pandemic.