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CRAIC Technologies Kicks Off Holiday Season

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CRAIC Technologies understands that changes occur in our customer's lives and companies! Whether it is due to the retirement of original instrument user, newly hired employees in need of training, or simply needing to brush the dust off of users microspectroscopy skills, our refresher training package is their solution.

Each day of purchased training will include two sessions: a morning and an afternoon session. Training topics include hardware and instrument recap, proper start-up and shut-down procedures, Köhler illumination, passing calibration, lamp alignment, how to acquire data and software features, per users specific system and needs. Individual training sessions for new users will result in User Training Certifications; however the sessions can also be used for smaller groups as needed.

"CRAIC Technologies is proud to continue its commitment to excellence by providing easy and increased access to professional grade training for all its microspectrophotometer users, whether based in the laboratory or the factory " states Dr. Paul Martin, President of CRAIC Technologies. "With our superior support network, the dedicated people at CRAIC strive to ensure our customers are able to operate their instrumentation and to understand the results generated from the data as quickly and accurately as possible."

Our customers will also be happy to know that the refresher training package specials are flat rate packages - all engineer time and travel expenses are included no matter where users are located in the United States or Canada!

The two discounted refresher training package specials currently being offered are $3,495 for a single day of training, and $5,000 for two days of training. Both options offer discounted CRAIC Technologies services to our customers for a limited time only and just in time for the holidays. Cheers!