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Custom GC Autosampler: Tailored to Fit Your Needs!

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Despite HTA wide range, laboratories occasionally have needs that do not find an answer in the standard autosampler models offered by HTA or by GC manufacturers. 

HTA now offers the final and most effective solution for any custom needs: a custom autosampler!

HTA’s custom autosamplers offer affordable pricing and the same level of robustness and reliability of a standard autosampler, integrating it with the special functionality that the customer requires for his own application. 

The GC autosampler can be customized to execute simple sample preparation tasks before the injection. A vial heater can be integrated to heat the sample to a certain temperature, while a vortex station can perform effective mixing of samples and standards. The whole sample rack can also be cooled or heated to preserve samples from thermal degradation or to avoid undesirable phase changes. 

If complex method or application must be automated, HTA custom autosampler can be handled by HTAPREP software. HTAPREP is the smartest software in the industry, able to automate complex liquid handling routines and sample preparation techniques.

The GC autosampler can also be customized to run dedicated sample vessels. The customers are not obliged anymore, after the sample prep, to transfer their samples to vials that can be handled by the GC autosampler, as they have done until now. Now it is the GC autosampler that can be modified to feature a custom rack, able to hold the vials of the needed size. The point of view of the autosampler design has been completed changed: the customer has become the first player in the autosampler design process.

Another opportunity is the integration of a Flow Cell, that is able to collect the sample directly from a stream or a reaction vessel. The autosampler is able to inject the sample at timely intervals into the GC or GC-MS system. 

The possibilities of customization are almost infinite. Some other examples: infinite waste & nozzle for large solvent requirement, the integration of transfer lines, the implementation of simultaneous injection systems, the handling of different kind of objects and the injection into special injection port. Any customer request is kept into accurate consideration to design a suitable solution.