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Delaware Governor Jack Markell Visits DeNovix Inc.

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Delaware Governor Jack Markell, Delaware Cabinet Secretary Alan Levin, and DelawareBio’s Bob Dayton visited DeNovix Inc. for a company tour and a discussion about the company’s products for the life science marketplace.

Governor Markell met with company leadership, scientists, engineering and manufacturing personnel. He was also educated on how researchers use the company’s products in labs and even ran a sample measurement himself on the company’s flagship product, the DS-11 Spectrophotometer.

The visit concluded with discussions about how the state of Delaware might assist DeNovix in its efforts to grow and bring additional high-tech jobs to the state.

DeNovix’s product, the DS-11 Spectrophotometer is used in genomic and proteomic research laboratories worldwide. The device rapidly quantifies 0.5 - 1.0 microliter (one millionth of a liter) samples of nucleic acids and proteins, a basic requirement of nearly all cellular research labs.

The device is the world’s first spectrophotometer that includes a custom Android™ operating system which eliminates the need for a PC. The system features a glove compatible, 7” HD touch screen and all measurements are made using intuitive EasyApps® designed by DeNovix for the most common life science applications.

“We are glad to be in Delaware and plan to be here a long time,” said Fred Kielhorn, Managing Director of DeNovix Inc. “The state has a fantastic network of resources that make it an ideal place for a company like DeNovix to thrive. We’re really glad that Governor Markell met with us to understand our business a little better.”