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DeNovix Launches First All-in-One Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer System at AACR

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DeNovix Inc., a developer and manufacturer of life science instrumentation for bio-research launches the DS-11 FX+ Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer at this year’s American Association of Cancer Research (AACR 2015) meeting in Philadelphia, PA. 

The DeNovix DS-11 FX+ combines patent pending technologies to deliver the most flexible and complete system available for nucleic acid and protein quantification. DeNovix SmartPath® Technology allows rapid and accurate 1µL UV-Vis quantification over an industry-leading dynamic range. The addition of fluorescence mode now also enables researchers to measure picogram amounts of sample with increased specificity in one compact instrument. The DeNovix platform provides researchers the freedom to use a wide range of commercially available or custom assays to address both current and future requirements of their laboratory. The third operation mode utilizes quartz or plastic cuvettes to perform full UV-Vis measurements for kinetics and cell quantification.

The DS-11 FX Series includes DeNovix’s highly rated, custom Android™ operating system and stunning, high-resolution, glove-compatible touch screen.  Measurements are made using the intuitive EasyApps® software, with built-in standard parameters for the most common absorbance, fluorescence and colorimetric assays. 

“Over the past three years we’ve received many requests from researchers for an instrument that combines all three methods of quantification commonly used in the lab.  With the launch of the DS-11 FX we’ve answered these requests” said Fred Kielhorn, CEO of DeNovix. “Our scientists, engineers and software team have designed a multi-mode system without compromising performance of any mode compared to dedicated instruments. The DS-11 FX delivers on this and more. We are excited to unveil this to the scientific community at AACR.”  

DeNovix EasyApps® for quantification of DNA, ssDNA, RNA, purified proteins, labeled proteins, and other spectrophotometric and fluorometric measurements come pre-installed. The DS-11 FX+ includes Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet connectivity, allowing users to easily export data via email, a USB drive, to network drives or printers, or print cryotube labels with an optional printer.

“Since launch, our community of DS-11 users has grown quickly to include researchers from top institutions around the globe. To help bring fluorescence applications to these customers we are also pleased to be launching a fluorescence accessory module to upgrade current DS-11s in the field as well as a stand-alone QFX Fluorometer which features the same Android™ system and EasyApps® software pioneered by DeNovix ” stated Kielhorn.