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DiATOME Enables Surface Preparation for AFM and FIB

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DiATOME have partnered with EM Resolutions, a Saffron Walden-based consumables and accessories supplier for electron microscopy, to supply their range of high quality diamond knives in the UK.

Whilst diamond knives are best known for producing high quality sections on an ultramicrotome, their use for surface preparation is less accepted. DiATOME diamond knives are used for the preparation of high quality surfaces for AFM and other imaging techniques requiring smooth surfaces.

DiATOME ultra AFM knives are made from higher quality diamonds to produce extremely smooth sample surfaces and ensure the best possible structural preservation. Also available is a cryo AFM version which allows preparation of surfaces from soft materials requiring low temperatures close to the glass transition temperature of the material.

Back, through popular user demand, is the trim 90 trimming tool for facilitating surface preparation for FIB. The trim 90 blade prepares the surface of materials as well as trimming 90° inclined block sides presenting optimal geometry for further preparation by FIB.

DiATOME will attend mmc2015, the year's premier UK microscopy event. Visitors are invited to stand #505 to meet representatives from DiATOME and EM Resolutions to see the range of diamond knives and to discuss their applications.