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Easy Access to Chromatography Expertise from Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., recently introduced the web based Thermo Scientific Chromatography Resource Centre (CRC), which provides application and method development information to help guide users through any HPLC and GC separation and sample preparation challenge.

With a library of 6000 application notes, a comprehensive technical bibliography, access to informative video animations and demonstrations, the CRC provides an invaluable reference guide for the chromatographer.

Furthermore, users can easily download five of the most recent application notes produced using Thermo Scientific Accucore HPLC columns.

Benefit from the technical expertise and experience of Thermo Fisher Scientific by visiting the CRC and using the HPLC method development calculator, provided to smooth the transition between columns and techniques.

In addition, the GC column selector tool, Thermo Scientific HyperSep SPE Applications Notebook and the online Thermo Scientific Chromatography Columns and Consumables catalogue, provide users with all the resources necessary to optimize chromatography applications.