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FAR Chemical Uses Matrix Gemini LIMS

FAR Chemical Uses Matrix Gemini LIMS content piece image
Credit: FAR Chemical
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Specialty chemicals manufacturer FAR Chemical is using Matrix Gemini LIMS to improve the efficiency of its operations By significantly reducing the time taken to test and approve samples in the laboratory, the hold-times of products in the reactors have been cut and the efficiency of the entire operation improved.

Based in Palm Bay, Florida, FAR Chemical is a leading manufacturer of complex specialty chemicals. With a wide range of products, they have experience of manufacturing for the pharmaceutical industry including APIs raw materials and excipients, as well as advanced polymers, catalysts, and precursors for structural composites. In addition, they manufacture chemicals used in paints, foams, and adhesives, as well as custom chemicals used in flavors and fragrances.

Moving to a paperless approach has consolidated and rationalized laboratory data in a way that simplifies and speeds up QC operations. An approval loop that used to take 2-3 hours is now achieved in minutes, dramatically improving plant productivity. In addition, Certificates of Analysis are now available immediately on QC approval, and customer audits have been simplified, with required data available in a single location instead of spreading across multiple notebooks and other paperwork.

FAR Chemical configured the Matrix Gemini LIMS themselves after taking a one-week configuration course. “The graphical configuration tool built into Matrix Gemini LIMS allows us to change any of the screens in the workflows ourselves, to suit our evolving needs”, said FAR Chemical. “Efficiency of our QC laboratory has vastly improved. We rarely now have reactor vessels standing idle awaiting release of intermediate QC results before the next production steps.”

The increased productivity of the QC laboratory, linked to the increased efficiency of the manufacturing operations is proof enough that a more efficient laboratory operation can improve business performance and profitability. The consistent use of Matrix Gemini LIMS in FAR Chemical’s QC laboratory is a vital component in driving these improvements