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Fast Eight-Channel Nucleic Acid Analysis

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This new instrument is based on the successful concepts that have built the reputation of their AstraGene single-channel instrument. Maintaining the fully loss-less sampling system that also eliminates any risk of cross-contamination, AstraVita is expanded to eight channels that are all measured simultaneously. Using the powerful data acquisition possible through its two-dimensional CCD Array detector, eight full spectrum scans, along with their concentration values and purity ratios, can now be displayed in less than 10 seconds!

Designed around the revolutionary Newton-Mills optical system using Parallel Multi-Beam Spectroscopy (PMBS), AstraVita leverages all the advantages of fibre-optic coupled, CCD array spectroscopy. It is ideal for the growing demands of high-throughput laboratories, while being easily adapted to full automation when integrated with liquid handling devices and robotics.

To register your interest before the official launch, or if you cannot attend the Pittcon exhibition, contact sales@astranetsystems.com