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Faster Process Control Speed in the Iron and Steel Industry

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Specially designed for high-speed production control laboratories in the iron and steel industry, the ARL SMS-2500™ automation solution provides increased sample turnaround through a tighter integration of sample preparation with the use of a larger, stronger and faster robot.

With an installed base of nearly 500 robotized spectrometers, Thermo Fisher has established a high standard of excellence in the most demanding metals industry environments. The new ARL SMS-2500 represents a step forward for iron and steel producers that require shorter sample turnaround times. At the heart of the system, the intelligent Thermo Scientific SMS software drives a medium-size industrial robot from FANUC, the leading supplier of industrial robots worldwide. The high-speed robot stands on a compact chassis linked to the ARL metals analyzer or XRF spectrometer, which simplifies installation because no specific laboratory fittings are required. The ARL SMS-2500 requires minimum floor space for the complete system, short distances between the various components ensure fast operation without compromising accessibility for service and maintenance.

With a direct robot access to the milling machine for the preparation of samples and standards, processing time is reduced and expensive electromechanical sample transfer systems are eliminated. In addition, a choice of different milling machines allows customers to select the best solution depending on their preferences, needs and budgets, including the newly launched Haas Mini Mill with ARL PrepControl™.
The ARL SMS-2500 uses highly reliable and proven components to ensure increased system uptime, including vision system, sample labeling, radioactivity measurement and fixed magazine for standards. The FANUC robot has an arm length of 902 mm with a gripper and six moving axes. It is designed to handle heavy loads of up to five kilograms in industrial environments with unparalleled precision. All system components operate simultaneously for optimal efficiency, while sample priority management, temporary sample storage and rapid transfer between system components allows for short sample turnaround times unmatched by traditional manual systems.

Complex procedures such as instrument control and standardization are scheduled and executed systematically. For fast process control laboratories, the ARL SMS-2500 bridges the gap between high productivity, short response times and strict quality control standards. The automated Thermo Scientific metals analyzer and XRF spectrometer with ARL SMS-2500 have been designed for use in centralized laboratories as well as on production shop floors. The Thermo Scientific ARL QuantoShelter, also called “The Lab in a Box,” can be used for housing the automated spectrometer including the sample preparation machine, when suitable production premises are not available. Interfacing automated air tubes is simplified and samples can be received directly by the ARL SMS-2500 robot, avoiding complex interfaces at the sample preparation level.

The new ARL SMS-2500 completes the range of robotics-based automation solutions consisting of the entry level Thermo Scientific ARL SMS-2000 single spectrometer automation system, the Thermo Scientific ARL SMS-3500 for the automation of twin metals analyzers and XRF spectrometers with up to two sample preparation machines.

For the highly competitive and resource-constrained iron and steel industry, the new ARL SMS-2500 offers unmatched spectrometer automation performance. It is another example of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s commitment to look beyond the footprint of standalone instrumentation and focus on complete laboratory workflow solutions that drive efficiencies throughout the entire production control process.