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Faster Trace-Level Analysis of Acrylamide in Drinking Water and Food

Faster Trace-Level Analysis of Acrylamide in Drinking Water and Food content piece image
Credit: Unsplash
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Now available in two column formats for optimal application-specific performance, Allure Acrylamide LC columns aim to enable you to meet method requirements for food and drinking water quickly and easily.

Unique column chemistry reliably separates acrylamide from matrix interferences, and the new format for large volume injection lets you reach sensitivity requirements without time-consuming SPE preconcentration. The new 150 x 3.0 mm column provides an optimized balance of larger capacity and MS-friendly flow rates for large volume injection of drinking water samples while the original 50 x 2.1 mm format delivers faster analysis times and fewer column changes for both food and drinking water when used with SPE sample preparation. Pair with Restek guard columns and analytical reference standards to ensure data quality even down to low ppt levels in sample matrix.

Developed to withstand 100% aqueous mobile phases and elute coextracted matrix components rather than strongly retaining them, Restek Allure Acrylamide guard and analytical columns are designed to deliver the same robust performance injection to injection and column to column. Stringent manufacturing procedures and rigorous quality testing ensure that when it does come time to replace your Allure Acrylamide column, you will get the same chromatographic performance with the new column that you relied on with the old one.