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Festo Brings Automated Sample and Liquid Handling Solutions to AACC 2023

The EXCM planar surface gantry is precise, fast, and compact. EXCM gantries arrive quickly in kit form ready for fast, easy assembly with matched motors, drives, and axes or as drop-in subassemblies.
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Festo features at AACC 2023 Cartesian gantry systems for handling samples and flexible, high accuracy liquid aspirating and dispensing systems, both of which enable manufacturers to reduce engineering and procurement overhead while speeding time to market. (Festo AACC [American Association for Clinical Chemistry] Booth #4457, July 23-27, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, Calif.)

The EXCM desktop gantry robot

With the free online productivity tool, Festo Handling Guide Online, manufacturers specify the compact Festo Cartesian gantry system, EXCM, in as little as 20 minutes. At the end of the design session, engineers can download 2 and 3D CAD files of the unit, learn the ship date, and receive a quote. With the CAD files in hand, machine design proceeds while the EXCM ready-to-assemble kit is being prepared for shipment. The EXCM is compact, precise, durable, high speed, quiet, and proven reliable. An EXCM will be dynamically demonstrated at the Festo booth.

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Isolation valve for liquid dispensing

VYKA is the company’s precision isolation valve family. With a low impedance coil and configurable hit/hold electronics delivering low heat and high repeatability, VYKA valves are ideal for dispense applications. Dispensed volumes can range from under 1 ul to over 10 ml and up, with an overall coefficient of variation (Cv) under 2% in most cases. VYKA valves are also compact, which means higher density dispensing systems with short fluid paths. VYKA facilitates fast cleaning between various solutions.

DHOP closed-loop pipette head

The DHOP closed-loop pipette head is designed for high-speed robotic pipetting applications requiring consistent volumes over a wide range of liquid viscosities. The DHOP pipette head provides the utmost in automation flexibility, speed, and feedback when devices handle many liquids. Based on Festo’s innovative air-over-liquid fluid handling system, the DHOP pipette ensures that aspiration and dispensing are independent of viscosity. By measuring the pressure change when a liquid is aspirated or dispensed, the device can calibrate for different viscosities without user input. Faster changeover between liquids leads to higher throughput and maximum device utilization.

Applications for this closed-loop pipette head include pre-analytical sample preparation of patient samples, where liquid properties of the sample might change patient to patient. Festo Life Science personnel at the Festo Engineering Technology Center in greater Boston work with OEMs from inception to implementation, bringing products to market faster, with less engineering overhead and risk. 

The PGVA innovative pressure/vacuum generator

The award-winning Festo PGVA on-board pressure/vacuum generator quietly and energy efficiently generates regulated, filtered air for pressure and vacuum-controlled liquid aspirating and dispensing systems. Within a compact 8"x3"x8" footprint, PGVA comprises an integrated compressor, proportional pressure/vacuum control, air filter, silencer, pressure/vacuum reservoirs, pressure