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Fluid Imaging Technologies Introduces FlowCAM Front-Fill Illumination™ Particle Imaging and Analysis System

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The new FlowCAM Front-Fill Illumination™ particle imaging and analysis system from Fluid Imaging Technologies, Yarmouth, Maine is the world’s first to feature bidirectional front and back lighting, which illuminates the surfaces of opaque particles and reveals their true colors and textures.

Replacing two-dimensional, black silhouettes with shapely, three-dimensional images, the breakthrough FlowCAM Front-Fill Illumination combines both bright field and dark field microscopy in a single unit to precisely determine the actual size and shape of the particle detected while automatically measuring, recognizing, characterizing and identifying every particle with an unprecedented level of accuracy. Surface imperfections and defects, foreign matter, agglomerations, discolorations and other attributes previously invisible are quickly revealed in seconds.

To be introduced at Pittcon 2011 booth #2616 on March 14, 2011 at Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Ga., the new FlowCAM Front-Fill Illumination marks the latest advance in the FlowCAM imaging particle analysis system, which automatically takes hi-resolution, digital images of particles and organisms in a fluid, measures each one based on dozens of parameters in real time and automatically differentiates and classifies them for analysis.

Praised by laboratory managers and technicians, research scientists, pharmaceutical chemists, process engineers, water quality engineers and other professionals and cited in peer reviewed journal articles, the FlowCAM is in use on six continents in a diverse range of organizations representing the food, beverage pharmaceutical, biotechnical, water and other industries.