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Free Webinar: Analytical Methodology To Quantify Compostable Plastics in Compost

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Plastic bags made of biodegradable polymers are a hygienic and convenient way to collect organic waste in our households. These plastic bags end up in private compost as well as in industrial compost. To ensure the entire degradation of the polymer material, it is mandatory to monitor the compost, which can present a number of challenges.

To help you understand the challenges of biodegradable polymers, we joined forces with Prof. Dr. Michael Sander from ETH Zurich and Mrs. Maren Sander, Product Manager Extraction at BUCHI, for a free webinar.

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Join us on November 22nd at 11:00 am CET to learn more about the following topics:


  • The biodegradation process of polymers
  • Analytical challenges for a complex matrix, such as compost
  • Extraction methods for efficient polymer biodegradation determination


    You can register for free here


    We hope to see you there!