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Free Webinar on Tackling the Environmental Threat of Microplastics Using Raman Spectroscopy

Credit: Pixabay

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HORIBA Scientific has announced that Dr. Bridget O’Donnell, Manager of Raman Applications for HORIBA Scientific will be presenting a webinar in partnership with Spectroscopy Magazine, on Wednesday, June 3rd, at 2:00 PM EDT/11:00 AM PDT. It is entitled, “Tackling the Environmental Threat of Microplastics Using Raman Spectroscopy.”

This webcast will describe the use of Raman spectroscopy for the characterization of microplastics and nanoplastics (plastic particulates <5 mm), which threaten the environment and potentially human health. An overview of the process of microplastic characterization will be given including a discussion of collection, extraction, detection, and identification methods, with a view to support future legislation and monitoring of microplastic contamination. The necessary high throughput requirements of microplastics analysis will also be addressed through automation of Raman spectral measurements of large quantities of microplastics.

The webinar is recommended for: 

  • Researchers in the field of environmental science and ecology
  • Researchers in the field of nanotoxicology
  • Regulators and legislators concerned with plastic pollution
  • Food and beverage manufacturers
  • Managers of environmental monitoring programs and wastewater treatment plants
  • Industries concerned by microplastic contamination and legislation
  • Citizen scientists