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Freeman Technology to Introduce Small Volume Shear Cell for FT4

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Freeman Technology has announced the introduction of an accessory for the company's FT4 Powder Rheometer. The small volume shear will introduce At Powtech 2005 (11-13 October 2005; Nürnberg, Germany).

According to the Company, the fully automated, small volume shear cell is a module that will enable users to extend the range of shear testing applications on the FT4 to include those for which only very small amounts of sample are available. This includes many pharmaceutical actives, and materials such as early stage formulations where a wide range of tests must be carried out on limited supplies.

The FT4 is a universal powder rheometer that is used to conduct an array of powder flowability tests. These are designed to provide a means to characterise the flow properties of powder materials and relate them to performance in process and said to be that where shear testing is required to complement flowability data, both the small volume shear cell and the existing standard shear cell accessory offer significant advantages over conventional methods.