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GE Healthcare Introduces new Biacore T100 Software

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GE Healthcare has announced that it is introducing Biacore T100 software version 2, protein characterization software for the Biacore T100 label-free protein interaction analysis system, to enable calibration-free concentration analysis (CFCA) of proteins. For the first time it will be possible to measure protein concentration without the need for a standard, the company says.

According to GE Healthcare, the software also comprises key functionality for protein characterization that reduces time spent on development of kinetic analysis assays through the single-cycle kinetics function. Single-cycle kinetics enables the analysis of molecular interactions which have previously been difficult to determine.

In addition, data evaluation is improved in the new software version and enables multiple samples to be analyzed together with a few simple clicks, supported by inbuilt QC functions/tools.

Knowing the concentration that relates to the specific binding activity of a protein is key for many applications. Determination of the target-binding drug fraction is extremely important during the development of therapeutic proteins and provides a highly informative characterization profile in quality control of biotherapeutics.