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GE Healthcare Launches PreDictor™ RoboColumn™ Miniaturized Chromatographic Columns

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GE Healthcare PreDictor™ RoboColumn™ units are miniaturized chromatographic columns prepacked with GE Healthcare BioProcess™ chromatography media to enable high-throughput process development (HTPD). PreDictor RoboColumn units support fully automated chromatographic separation workflows using robotic liquid handling workstations.

The prepacked columns are available with a wide range of chromatography resins for ion exchange, affinity, multimodal, and hydrophobic interaction chromatography techniques. PreDictor RoboColumn units are designed for parallel screening of chromatographic conditions.
The benefits of working with PreDictor RoboColumn units include:

• Parallel screening of a wide range of chromatographic parameters with small sample consumption
• Automation reduces experimental time and minimizes hands-on time
• High-throughput workflow for increased process understanding
Each row of eight columns is supplied with one chromatography media and individual columns can be easily arranged on a 96 position array plate. The columns are available in 50, 200 and 600 µl volumes and are compatible with solutions commonly used in the purification of biopharmaceuticals.
PreDictor RoboColumn units are packed by Atoll GmbH and are identical to the RoboColumn units supplied directly by Atoll. Tecan, which has a wide experience with automation of bioprocessing solutions from Atoll and GE Healthcare, is the recommended solution for automation of PreDictor RoboColumn.