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Genedata Expressionist® Takes Lead in Mass Spectrometry-Based Biomarker Discovery

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Genedata AG announces the expansion of its Expressionist software product to integrate mass spectrometry (MS) analysis with its combined omics data analysis platform.

"Our biggest challenge was to accommodate the large raw MS data formats, sometimes tens of gigabytes in size, into our detailed quality assurance workflow", described Jens Hoefkens, PhD, Project Manager of Expressionist, Genedata AG. The expanded platform supports analysis of gel-free proteomics and metabolomics technologies, including hyphenated MS technologies. The tools are able to load raw spectrographic signals as input.

"We have developed these new tools in close collaboration with our longstanding industrial partners", explained Dr Daniel Keesman, CEO of Genedata AG. The development included an extensive survey of MS technologies by engineers and physicists at Genedata's research center in Munich, Germany. The result is a highly automated and standardized MS data processing platform, integrated seamlessly with Expressionist's existing analysis applications for transcriptomic and gels-based proteomic data.

Pharmaceutical companies are combining data from multiple technologies, including MS, in their biomarker discovery efforts. "It is the degree of integration that makes our new MS analysis applications so valuable for biomarker discovery and represents a major step in enhancing the value of Expressionist."