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Genomenon Acquires Boston Genetics To Accelerate Curation of Human Genome

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Genomenon Inc. has announced it has acquired Boston Genetics, a genomics interpretation and curation company. By combining Genomenon’s AI-powered platform for genomic knowledge and tech-enabled scientific expertise with Boston Genetics’ substantial team of genetic scientists, Genomenon is now in position to be the first company to curate the entire human genome. The insights through this curation, starting with the clinical exome, will be invaluable in Genomenon’s mission to save and improve lives by making genomic information actionable.

The expanded team size and genomic expertise immediately empowers Genomenon to offer even greater support to its clinical diagnostic and pharmaceutical clients as it helps both groups understand the genomic drivers of genetic disease and oncology. In addition, the acquisition creates a genomics data service arm for Genomenon, allowing the company to provide cost-effective variant curation team extensions for genetic testing labs to speed up their turnaround times.

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Genomenon CEO Mike Klein explained, “Genomenon has always been unique in our approach of combining genetic expertise with our AI-driven genomics engine, Mastermind, which has 100 times more genomic evidence and 50 times more variants than any other resource.” He continued, “We have partnered with Boston Genetics for more than three years now and have been consistently impressed with the quality of the team’s expertise and work. This acquisition builds on our success and puts us in the lead in the race to curate the entire human genome - bringing unprecedented actionable genomic insights for clinical diagnostic, newborn sequencing and drug development programs.”

Boston Genetics Co-Founder and CEO Arslan Berbic will be joining the Genomenon team as its Vice President of Business Development, Services Platform. He commented, “I am proud of the company my team and I have built with Boston Genetics and am thrilled to now have it as part of Genomenon to further power the company’s mission to curate the genome. As a member of the Genomenon team, I am excited as we work to expand our curation and variant interpretation services to our customer base by leveraging Genomenon’s AI curation engine with expert review by the Boston Genetics team.”

The acquisition, which is effective immediately, adds more than 75 highly trained genetic scientists to the Genomenon team, doubling the size of the company. Boston Genetics’ current customers include a number of top genetic testing labs across the US which will now have access to Genomenon’s AI-driven curation engine and services platform.