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Hiden HPR-20 QIC R&DPlus Gas Process Interpreter

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The HPR-20 QIC R&DPlus gas analyser merges triple-filter quadrupole mass spectrometer technology and multistream gas/vapour flow control together with the Hiden CATLAB-PCS
software and control system for application specific operation in areas including catalytic reaction
quantification and general thermal reaction processes.

Integration with the user process system enables full control of temperature, ramp rate and furnace environment together with upstream and down-stream process gas composition measurement.

Up to eight gas streams can be precisely controlled, selectable with flow rates from 0.10L/minute and for operation with corrosive feed gases. The gas pulse injector system for pulse chemisorption(PCS) operation provides timed, measured and monitored injection of the sorbate to the reactor for determination of active metal surface area and of acid site surface density.

The optional vapour feed system, with temperature controlled humidifier and helium carrier flow, enables vapour reaction characterisation in both PCS and continuous flow modes.