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Hiden Mass Spectrometers with Dual-Stream Sampling

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Hiden HPR-20 and QGA series quadrupole mass spectrometers are configurable for diverse real-time gas analysis applications by selection of the appropriate application-specific process interface. The latest interface - the all-new dual-stream capillary sampling interface - is developed for process monitoring under flowing conditions to enable fast sample switching between the feed and exhaust gas streams.

Input/output gas compositions are directly compared to give precise determination of even very small component changes. Stream selection is fully programmable for automated operation with species data presented as absolute intensities, or alternatively data is presented directly showing the actual intensity changes between pre- and post-process species. Data can be acquired at rates up to 500 data-points per second.

Standard systems accommodate species with molecular weights to 300amu, or for specialized applications up to 1000amu, with sample consumption rates as low as 1ml/min. Optionally systems are available for operation with aggressive/corrosive gaseous species.

Important process data, temperature and/or flow rates for example, can be imported in real-time and integrated and presented together with the mass spectral data.