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HORIBA Scientific Introduces New CLUE Series Detectors for Scanning Electron Microscopes

HORIBA Scientific Introduces New CLUE Series Detectors for Scanning Electron Microscopes content piece image
Image Credit: HORIBA Scientific
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HORIBA CLUE Series offer a scalable platform for imaging and spectroscopic analysis of nano-objects with SEM and dual SEM/FIB (Focused Ion Beam) microscopes.

HORIBA CLUE Series include:

- i-CLUE fast Cathodo-Luminescence (CL) imaging system featuring a large field of view ellipsoidal collection mirror. Unique in the market, i-CLUE is field upgradeable to a complete spectroscopy solution, offering the analytical scientist a first step into high sensitivity CL detection at an affordable price.

- F-CLUE rugged imaging and hyperspectral CL solution is an easy upgrade on existing configurations. With its ultra-compact design inside (fully retractable mirror collection) and outside the specimen chamber and its fiber coupled spectrometer fits every customer having a microscope with a free horizontal port.

- H-CLUE imaging and hyperspectral CL solution features the best performance in the market by combining a high quality parabolic mirror for DUV-VIS-NIR, direct optical coupling, and high resolution spectrometer.

- R-CLUE combines HORIBA expertise in Cathodoluminescence, Raman spectroscopy and Photoluminescence within one compact fiber coupled solution.

SEM-CL helps discover the nature of defects, structures, stress at the nanoscale (<20nm spatial resolution), making it the ideal tool for novel nanomaterials characterization. Designed for enhanced flexibility for multiple applications of zircons, phosphors and other minerals to semiconductor Nitrides, Thin Films solar cells, and 2D materials, the HORIBA CLUE Series offers the ultimate sensitivity for your sample of interest.

HORIBA Scientific’s expertise in optics, detectors, vacuum technology and spectroscopy provides every customer with accurate information on hardware and software, regardless of your sample type. The HORIBA CLUE Series is already deployed in internationally recognized academic and industry research and quality control laboratories worldwide.

The HORIBA CLUE Series come with on-site installation and training, technical support, and application support to help optimize your experiment.