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HORIBA Scientific Launches ULTIMA TCSPC Fluorescence Lifetime System

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HORIBA Scientific has recently launched the new Ultima TCSPC Fluorescence Lifetime system, optimized for short lifetime measurements.

The new Ultima fluorometer combines the latest in high temporal resolution TCSPC electronics, interchangeable high speed light sources and detector technologies, and HORIBA Scientific’s FluoroCube, the most flexible dedicated lifetime optical platform, to offer the highest performance photon counting lifetime system available.

The Ultima’s 400 fs/point time resolution enables it to measure the shortest lifetimes of any comparable commercial system. Its measurement range of 100 ns to seconds, flexibility of 16k time channels, and simplicity of a USB PC connection also make the Ultima the easiest to use. The Ultima can also be configured for use with MCPs, fs lasers, NIR detectors and excitation and emission monochromators to support virtually any experimental configuration.

“For customers who routinely measure lifetimes below 100ps, our new Ultima TCSPC offers unprecedented short lifetime performance with exceptional flexibility and ease-of use.” said Ishai Nir, Director of the Fluorescence division at HORIBA Scientific. “Together with our fastest lifetime acquisition Delta Series, HORIBA now offers the highest performance solutions on the market today for every type of fluorescence lifetime measurements.”