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HORIBA UK Expands POCKIT Central In-House Veterinary PCR Range

POCKIT Central Veterinary PCR device.
Credit: HORIBA.
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HORIBA UK Veterinary announces that it will be introducing a new addition to its POCKIT Central Veterinary PCR range at the London Vet Show, ExCeL London, 16-17 November. On Stand S66, HORIBA will highlight how new ready-to-use reagent pack sizes can make rapid in-house PCR testing more accessible to every veterinary practice and laboratory. Introducing smaller pack sizes of just 8 tests for its POCKIT benchtop analyser, in addition to its original 24 pack option, enables cost efficient, convenient PCR testing of over 200 pathogens for small animal, equine and farm work, for any size of practice.

Developed in response to customer feedback, the new smaller pack sizes mean that all practice teams can benefit from the simple test process and fast turnaround on in-house PCR for a broad variety of viruses, bacteria, parasites and protozoa. This supports faster prescribing and patient management decisions, without having to wait for a pickup from an external laboratory, or for test results to be returned. POCKIT’s user-friendly interface and simple 'sample in - result out' method can be run by any member of the team, 24 hours a day.

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At the London Vet Show, HORIBA’s veterinary team also invite delegates to visit Stand S66 to run a test on the POCKIT Central and find out more about a special offer of PCR analyser rental. The team also offers practice-based Lunch & Learn sessions to demonstrate how in-house PCR, delivering results in under 2 hours, can enhance current facilities, decision making and patient care when time is of the essence.

“We look forward to discussions with all members of the practice team and showing how the POCKIT Central in-house PCR range can comprehensively improve point-of-care testing in the veterinary profession,” said Lisa Martin, HORIBA Veterinary. “For example, if a rapid decision needs to be made on whether to isolate a patient or not, or if there might be zoonotic risk, PCR testing can help with such decisions and more in less than 2 hours.”

Be it Streptpcoccus equi, a respiratory or gastrointestinal panel, Feline calicivirus, Canine parvovirus, E. cuniculi, and many more pathogens in patients, or for environmental testing, where fast and early diagnosis can make a real difference, POCKIT Central offers a highly comprehensive portfolio of key PCR tests for different animal species.