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Improved Method for Faster Analysis of Inclusions in Aluminum

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The method significantly enhances the capabilities of the Thermo Scientific ARL 4460 metals analyzer, offering a faster and more accurate alternative to existing methods of characterizing inclusions in aluminum.

Inclusions can affect the properties of aluminum, including mechanical strength, gas porosity, machinabilty, surface quality and fluidity, making their control vital in many cases. The Spark-DAT allows ultra-fast counting of inclusions and identification of their type in a few seconds, making it highly effective for controlling inclusions during aluminum production. Furthermore, when combining the inclusion analysis with the standard analysis in concentration, only a few seconds of additional time are necessary. This ability to obtain elemental analysis information and inclusion contents with a single OES instrument greatly reduces investment cost. Moreover the inclusion analysis is carried out under the same conditions as the regular elemental analysis. Sample surface preparation, instrument maintenance and consumables are unchanged compared to a standard OES instrument, ensuring very low operating cost.