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InDevR and Sino Biological Team Up To Deliver Multiplexed Analytical Solutions for mRNA Vaccine and Cell & Gene Therapy

Cell therapy.
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InDevR, Inc., and Sino Biological, Inc., announced a new partnership to speed development of multiplexed assays for a broad range of vaccine, mRNA therapies and cell and gene therapy applications. 

Through this partnership, Sino Biological’s catalog of high-quality antibodies, antigens, and other reagents are available for use on InDevR’s VaxArray Platform. Biopharmaceutical companies worldwide currently employ the VaxArray Platform’s multiplex assay capabilities in their vaccine testing to simplify, standardize and speed novel vaccine development, optimization of existing formulations and production scale-up.The two companies aim to accelerate the development and deployment of multiparametric analytical tools to aid researchers in driving advancements in mRNA, vaccine development and the rapidly evolving field of cell and gene therapy.

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Since 2003, InDevR’s core focus has been to deliver innovative analytical tools for the vaccine industry. “Moving forward, our goal is to leverage that expertise to address the urgent need for improved analytical tools for cell and gene therapies and mRNA vaccine testing. Our partnership with Sino Biological, with their extraordinary breadth and depth of offerings and commitment to quality, will drive new product development and empower our customers to design their own multiplex assays with ease,” said Dr. Kathy Rowlen, CEO of InDevR.

Experts in recombinant protein production and antibody development, Sino Biological is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration. "We are thrilled to partner with InDevR to enhance the capabilities of their VaxArray Platform," Sino Biological Chief Business Officer Dr. Rob Burgess stated. "Our comprehensive range of quality reagents, combined with InDevR's cutting-edge analytical technology, promises to deliver superior solutions for in-process and quality control testing in the biopharmaceutical industry."