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Innovative New SmartLid™, the Smarter Way for Rapid Viral DNA/RNA Extraction

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Through an exclusive new partnership with ProtonDx, (London, UK), Alpha Laboratories (Eastleigh, UK) proudly announces the launch of SmartLid™, a magnetic key and lid system that streamlines the nucleic acid extraction process. The solution is designed for rapid and efficient viral DNA/RNA extraction and simplifies the three crucial sample extraction steps - Lysis, Wash, and Elution - offering a smarter way to handle nucleic acids in molecular biology applications. With its innovative features, SmartLid sets a new benchmark in the field, offering scientists and researchers a smarter, faster, and eco-conscious solution for nucleic acid extraction.

The SmartLid advantage brings high yields of ultra-pure DNA/RNA for sensitive downstream processing and sets a new standard for speed in nucleic acid extraction efficiency. Powered by superparamagnetic beads, it delivers ultra-fast extractions, generating eluted DNA/RNA from up to 12 samples in less than 10 minutes.

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The SmartLid process is user-friendly, requiring no electricity, minimal pipetting, and only three simple steps. This ensures market-leading ease-of-use, making it accessible for professionals at all levels. Applications include PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, RT-qPCR, LAMP, RT-LAMP, dPCR, RT-dPCR, and other amplification chemistries. Main sample types include cell-free or nearly cell-free liquid media such as VTM, eNAT, PBS, water, saliva, serum, plasma, urine, etc.

SmartLid™ is designed to minimise plastic waste, with cartons and paper inserts made from recycled content and are fully recyclable. Additionally, magnetic keys are reusable, contributing to the reduction of rare-earth waste.