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Introducing OPTI-MAX Double Ball and Seat Check Valve System

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Rated for routine use at UHPLC system pressures, the unique housing design connects directly to the existing Shimadzu OEM Pump Head and allows for quick and easy exchange between check valve cartridges. The new OPTI-MAX EXP Check Valve housings, like current OPTI-MAX designs, incorporate Free-Turn Architecture allowing the user to change check valve cartridges with the tubing still attached. This dramatically accelerates check valve maintenance, while reducing the wear on fittings. The OPTI-MAX EXP Check Valve cartridge features a higher density ceramic ball and seat enabling the valve to be more responsive and seat faster in lighter solvents. Each ball and seat set is individually matched to ensure a lock-and-key fit, guaranteeing 3 bubbles/minute or less in the industry standard nitrogen bubble test (common acceptable standards are 12 bubbles/minute or less). As with all OPTI-MAX check valve products, ball travel within the cartridge is minimized to ensure quicker seating and more accurate pump metering. The combination of specialized features, innovative technology, and precision manufacturing make the OPTI-MAX EXP Check Valve cartridge system an unbeatable choice for pumps operating at UHPLC pressures.

• Hardware rated to 20,000+ psi (1,400+ bar)
• Cartridge body - offers same outer dimensions as existing OPTI-MAX cartridges
• Cartridge based system - can be used between multiple pump brands
• Ceramic ball and seat - increased inertness and response
• Free-Turn Architecture for quick and convenient exchange of cartridges
• Minimized ball travel distance - faster seating and more accurate flows
• Made in the USA