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Introducing the New Luna® Omega 1.6µm Particle Columns

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Luna is one of the most recognized HPLC brands on the market, delivering high efficiency, ruggedness, reproducibility and dependability for a wide range of analyses since its launch in 1996. The new Luna Omega 1.6µm builds upon this legacy with an innovative UHPLC silica particle architecture, designed and manufactured by Phenomenex based on more than 20 years of applied knowledge, invention and customer experience. The new 1.6µm UHPLC columns deliver improved performance compared to other sub-2µm products on the market, along with exceptionally tight particle size distribution, high column packing efficiencies, steady selectivity and excellent reproducibility. Luna Omega columns are well suited for a wide range of applications including drug discovery and development, food contaminant analysis, environmental testing, toxicology and clinical research.

“Our Luna HPLC brand has been a proven staple in laboratories worldwide for the past 20 years, thanks to its established reliability and high quality,” commented Simon Lomas, strategic marketing manager for Phenomenex. “We are excited to now bring these attributes and technology to UHPLC applications, and to expand upon it with highly versatile and unique selectivities in the near future.”

Luna Omega UHPLC columns feature a novel silica with a constant particle morphology that is modified with proprietary, post-synthetic thermal treatment processes for mechanical strength and inertness. This provides significantly better peak shape for compounds of interest and minimizes unwanted secondary interactions. Proprietary Phenomenex bonding technologies ensure wide stationary phase coverage and excellent separation power.

Kinetex® Core-Shell Technology and Luna Omega columns together provide an ideal complementary UHPLC solution for greater efficiency and separation power. With a growing range of valuable selectivities, this pairing of core-shell and fully porous UHPLC products affords customers a better choice for immediate gains in productivity, resolution and retention. Combinations such as such as Luna Omega 1.6µm C18 with Kinetex 1.7µm Biphenyl and Kinetex 1.7µm F5 promote greater method development success.