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JEOL Expands NMR Offering for Polymer Research, Materials Science and Biosolids

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JEOL USA has announced the addition of two new products to its nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) portfolio. The 2mm Magic Angle Spinning (MAS) NMR Probe for Solids and Pre-Heat Auto-Sample Changer (ASC) expand JEOL’s extensive offering of advanced NMR solutions for polymer research, materials science and biosolids.

The 2mm MAS NMR Probe is well suited for both materials and biosolids NMR. The 2mm MAS Probe is the ideal compromise in the trade-off between the E-field heating problems for biosolids samples found in larger diameter probes and the reduced sensitivity of smaller diameter probes. Biosolids samples are expensive to produce due to the need for biosynthetic labeling with 13C, 15N or 2H, so protecting sample integrity by reducing E-field heating is vital. The increased sensitivity of the 2mm MAS Probe allows for direct detection of 13C or 15N which is not practical with smaller diameter rotors.

The larger RF fields and higher spinning speeds produced by the 2mm MAS probe are also ideally suited for materials science NMR investigations of Quadrupolar and other nuclei, for example 19F. Quadrupolar nuclei NMR studies benefit from the larger RF fields by improving excitation range resulting in improved sensitivity. The higher spinning speeds help to remove ambiguities caused by the potential overlap of spinning sidebands with NMR peaks of interest.

In addition to the 2mm MAS NMR Probe for Solids, JEOL USA has released the new Pre-Heat ASC30, which builds on the company’s proven room temperature (RT) and Pre-Cool ASC technology for polymer research. The tool is able to pre-heat 12 samples to up to 150°C, and supports 5mm and 10mm NMR tubes. The system is available for 400, 500 and 600 MHz NMR instruments and is compatible with RT ROYAL and SuperCool NMR probes, and fully integrates with JEOL Delta NMR software.

Dr. Michael Frey, Analytical Instruments Product Manager, JEOL USA, Inc. commented: “The addition of the newly designed 2mm MAS Probe to JEOL’s range offers faster MAS than the 3.2mm rotor, larger RF fields than the 3.2mm HX MAS probes, and a larger sample volume than the 1mm or 0.75mm rotors, completing the range while improving NMR performance for materials science and biosolids applications. With the new Pre-Heat ASC30, polymer scientists will benefit from minimized sample cooling during sample loading, and see important time savings in temperature equilibration for kinetic melting samples.”

With over 50 years of experience in NMR spectroscopy and established partnerships with industry experts, JEOL USA is continually expanding its offering with ongoing innovations, to meet the needs of researchers in a broad range of fields.