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JEOL Introduces New GC-Alpha Mass Spectrometer

JEOL Introduces New GC-Alpha Mass Spectrometer content piece image
Credit: JEOL USA
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JEOL builds upon its legacy of AccuTOFTM GC series gas chromatograph – time-of-flight mass spectrometers with the release of the JMS-T2000GC "AccuTOF™ GC-Alpha". This product is a GC-MS that represents significant improvement in performance and functionality using two newly developed key technologies. The basic hardware performance has been greatly improved and a new generation of automated data analysis software is included in the standard configuration.

High-Performance Hardware

The JMS-T2000GC “AccuTOF™ GC-Alpha”, the 6th generation of the successful AccuTOF™ GC series, features new high-performance hardware that achieves three times the mass resolving power and mass measurement accuracy of the previous “AccuTOF™ GCx-plus” by using a whole new ion optics design that achieves excellent sensitivity and high data acquisition speed, the long-time hallmarks for the AccuTOF™ GC series. Additionally, the system has a wide dynamic range that is beneficial not only for quantitative analysis but also for qualitative analysis of complex mixtures.

Additionally, a wide variety of ionization techniques – field ionization (FI), field desorption (FD), photoionization (PI), and chemical ionization (CI) – are optionally available, in addition to the standard electron ionization (EI). Two combination ion sources are also available as options – the EI/FI/FD combination ion source and the EI/PI combination ion source which allow easy switching between ionization techniques without breaking vacuum or replacing the ion sources.

Powerful, Streamlined Data Analysis

As the latest AccuTOFTM GC series, the JMS-T2000GC also features new analysis software: msFineAnalysis. The msFineAnalysis software is a new generation of automated data analysis software that provides qualitative results by combining data acquired by EI ionization and soft ionization (FI, CI, or PI) in a simple, speedy and automated way.

This software makes full use of the high-quality data obtained by the JMS-T2000GC “AccuTOF™ GC-Alpha”, thus providing a new approach to qualitative analysis for identification of unknown compounds. The new two-sample comparison function provides Volcano Plots, which can visually illustrate the distinguishing components between the two samples. After determining whether there are differences, integrated analysis is performed for all components. The software also supports analysis of GC/EI data alone.